Entry #2

I’ve had issues sleeping this week. It’s not that bad to be honest since I don’t really have anything that I need to wake up for. That sounds pretty depressing and negative but it makes me calm knowing that it’s ok if I don’t fall asleep right away. I can take my time. So, of course of this I woke up quite late in the afternoon today. Jocke usually wakes me up around 10, if I don’t get up on my own. But since he’s away for the weekend I tend to sleep longer. After getting up I decided to do some cleaning. I actually should have cleaned out a shelf that I’m selling tomorrow, but that just didn’t really happen.. yet. I have to do it before I go to bed because it’s not given that I will wake up early enough to do it before the person buying it shows up. So, better to do it before I go to bed. I still have time since it’s not that late yet and with my issues sleeping, I’m betting that I have more time tonight than I would like to have.

After vacuuming and wiping off some areas from dust and fur, I decided to take a walk and buy some groceries. I ended up buying a salad as well since I wasn’t really didn’t feel like cooking food for myself. Also didn’t feel like buying some fast food. Just been feeling a bit ill today so not much has been tickling my fancy in form of food. Even the salad was a bit of an issue to get down but I know it’s good to get something in me. It’s one of the things that I have the most issue with. It’s not that I don’t like food, I just don’t get that feeling of being hungry most of the time so I tend to forget to eat. Jocke really helps me keep track of it, but he’s not here right now so I have to keep it in mind.

I also still need to figure out what I want to throw away. Or at least give to charity. I still feel that I have too much stuff and in all honesty, I don’t need it. I feel that the apartment looks so crowded now but I’m sure it will look better. At least a bit better after we get rid of at least one of the large pieces of furniture that we don’t need. We’ll see if Jocke and I rebuild another shelf or just buy a new one. If we do buy a new one, we have to get rid of one more! Currently, I don’t really need five shelves.

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