Entry #4

Since getting diagnosed with depression I’ve had a very different look on the material things I own. Ever since I was a kid I can remember “building” my dream house out of my dolls and such. Every house I made was one room, and my reasoning behind that was so I could see all the things I owned all the time. I don’t want to lose things because I tend to attach myself a bit too much to “things”. So, the recent years I’ve tried thinning down the amount of stuff I own. In a perfect world I would only own as much stuff as I was able to carry on me, minus a bed and sofa and big furniture. But things aren’t really working out that way. Mostly because being in a relationship makes it so I’m not the only one making decisions and Jocke actually doesn’t want to live like that, and I respect that. So we’re meeting halfway. Things we haven’t used or really really don’t need (like clothes we forgot we owned) gets donated or recycled. I still try my best to get rid of as much of my stuff as possible. All my books are going to be donated (hopefully) or recycled, because I don’t have the space to have books just laying around that I don’t read. Plus, it’s much easier to walk around with the kindle than x amount of books, specially when travelling long distances. Most of my clothes were donated. I only have a small amount left and I still find a few things in there that I can get rid of. I’m getting rid of some furniture as well that I really don’t need. They’re just there to hold decorations and stuff that I really don’t need. I know I won’t be able to live on just a few items because I really like making things and having beautiful items around me, but I’m trying to be more clear in what in reality is only taking up space (or in my case, collecting dust). I do understand that Jocke doesn’t see it as I do and that’s ok. As long as we meet halfway I’m perfectly fine with it. Example, I was thinking of trying to live plastic free. Not that easy when you have a partner that works with plastic and actually thinks there are benefits to it. Which I agree with so, meeting halfway. Cutting down on plastics!

It’s really wonderful when you can discuss things and come to an agreement that works for both parties. Even if it’s not exactly what either of them wanted. That sounds weird when I say it but I know what I mean at least.

Also. I received a camera stand from a good friend of mine. I’m really looking forward to streaming and recording things with it! Who knew it would be easier to do all those things if you didn’t have to hold on to the camera at all times. Especially when you want to take pictures of yourself. Maybe now I might actually do that. It’s been a year since I took pictures of myself, I tend to do it once a year or so for some reason. Every time I do it and look back I realise that it was about a year ago I did it last time and that has just continued. Don’t really like to look at myself but I guess that’s just another thing that you can get used to. I mean, I didn’t like to listen to my own voice when I started doing videos on YouTube but that’s pretty alright now. I still don’t love it but I can appreciate it and actually listen to it without cringing at the sound of it.

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