Entry #6

Even though the week itself might not have been the best for me and my mental health, the weekend was lovely. Jocke and I had made plans to head out during the weekend. First, he worked a bit on saturday, and I visited his workplace with his parents and a relative of theirs. It was quite alright to be honest. There were a lot of people there and free hamburgers and music and such. I was mostly there because I feel that Jocke might have appreciated me being there, and his parents asked, and I feel I’ve kinda depleted my “no” answers to them for a bit. So I put on my “smile” and “sales” persona and acted just as I always do when I’m around people that is not Jocke.

I did get home earlier than him though since he finished around three and I (or his parents) wasn’t that into the idea of waiting for about three to four hours. When he came home we went and bought some hot dogs and buns. I also bought some apples for myself. And then we headed out into the wilderness. Jocke had told me to bring my camera so I could take some nice pictures. It was a nice idea. We decided to head to a wildlife sanctuary kinda place that we visited before together with his parents. On our way there we talked about seeing wildlife and me, being from the city, haven’t seen many in the wild. Just then, a fox runs over the dirt road and I just start squealing of joy. We stopped the car right where the fox had entered the woods and saw that it peaked it’s head up from the brushes to look at us. Then it turned around and jumped off into the forest. I was so happy! I have seen a fox before but it was further away and during the night, so it was pretty dark. Now, I saw one in daylight and it was pretty close. I squealed for a bit more and Jocke just laughed at me. After a bit of driving we came to a place called “Gladbäcken”. It’s a small creak that kinda just “bursts” out of the ground. It’s really fresh spring water so we also filled a bottle so we could drink some later on (we forgot to buy something to drink while at the store). I quickly took out the camera and started to shoot. Trying out things and just seeing how it all looked on photo. Let’s just say that I didn’t bring the right shoes for the pictures that I ended up taking. Who knew that the prettiest pictures would be when the camera is over the creak. I also tried using a different shutter speed so the flowing water could get that nice effect. It was then that I realised that I might have to come back if I want to take more photos. My left foot was getting rather wet. And Jocke was sniffling a bit (hay-fever and all that). So we decided to go somewhere to start a small campfire and grill some hot dogs. Sadly, all the spots already had people there and I really wanted to just sit there with him and just be. So, instead we headed home. That place isn’t so far away from where we live so we both said we could head there again. More prepared next time as well. Oh, and we saw a hawk while driving home! I’ve never seen one in the wild before.

It’s in these situations I realise that I’m from the city.

He really makes me happy. He really does.

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