Entry #7

We finally got around to sorting out the cellar of all the things that we don’t need. Or truthfully, things I don’t need because as Jocke said it; most of the things in the storage was mine. All in all, 14 boxes with things in them and a few empty boxes as well. We went to the recycling station today to recycle all of these things. I think the hardest part was probably all the books that I threw away. I don’t like throwing away books but I’ve already read them and now they’re just in a box in the cellar until the day I move again and then they go with me. It’s just a box that I don’t use but can’t get rid of. Until today that is. I went through them all and threw them all. I made sure that all of the books that I got rid of can be bought digitally, so I’m getting them on my kindle. It’s easier to bring with me and I actually get around to read them again. I’ve read two books already on my kindle that I today threw away in their book form. Hopefully, they’ll get turned into new books for people to enjoy. I really wanted to give them away but no one seems to want them and no one want’s them as donations either because it’s so hard to re-sell. I also threw away some old manga’s and magazines that I had from my teenage years. Nothing I look through and I just have them for sentimental value. So, I threw them as well. Also went through my clothes and donated some more of them. I wonder how many people that have gotten a piece of my old clothes. I hope they get used by someone that needs them or likes them. I’ve gone through so much stuff since I moved from Gavle. I’m kinda proud of myself and Jocke says he is too. He knows I have a hard time throwing away things, and some of these things have been very hard to throw away. Some things I am still struggling with. Like a bunch of old ImagineFX magazines. I haven’t looked through them since I bought them and I probably won’t. But I don’t want to throw them away. I know I will eventually end up doing just that, but I’m going to see if there’s some way I can donate them somewhere. I’m pretty sure though, since they are just magazines, I will have to end up tossing them in the recycling bin.

That’s one thing that my poor memory is really good for! Eventually I just forget it and go on. Mostly because I hardly see the things at all or use them. The part of actually throwing the things away is hard but I know that since I never use them, I won’t miss them later on. I will likely forget in a shorter time than I would probably like to admit.

I also, as you might have noticed, changed my website a bit. I’m extremely picky with how I want my website to look like and so far I haven’t been able to get it where I want it to be. I might not be there just yet but I am definitely closer now than before. Which is good, because this has actually been giving me heavy anxiety for a few nights now. Which reminds me, I have to call my doctor and also the vet tomorrow! I want to have the cats checked out. Just a normal health check up. They are quite old now and if they are ill or need some treatment, I want to know so I can help them have the best life they can have for as long as they have left. Anyway, not going to think of that now because then I’ll be sad and I can’t be sad before going to bed because that will just feed my anxiety. Nope! Not having that. Not tonight. Because I feel good about myself right now, and I want to keep that for a bit longer.

Hoping to do a bit of filming during the weekend. Might be going to visit an old friend of mine on Saturday, so that should be fun! I’m going to bring my camera on the trip in that case. Which reminds me. I need to buy a small camera bag for it. It doesn’t really fit in my backpack with all the other stuff I keep in there. Just a small one.

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