Entry #13

Well. We did actually go fishing with Jocke’s parents on Friday and I didn’t get any fish. I didn’t think I would but I actually felt them nibble on the hook. Even though my fishing luck isn’t the best, I had a bit too big of a hook on for the fishes that were actually there. But I’m ok with that. I had fun fishing since I haven’t done that in years. After that we grilled some hotdogs and I took some pictures. I was hoping that we’d stay long enough for the sun to start setting but the sun sets around 10:30pm and we didn’t feel like sitting around waiting for it so Jocke and I headed home. On the way home I saw so many flowers and really wanted to take a few pictures of them, and Jocke was nice enough to stop the car and wait for me to finish taking the pictures I wanted. He even drove the car slowly after me when I walked around so I didn’t have to walk so far to get back. I thought that was really sweet.

Today Jocke and I went to Sundsvall to just spend time together and have some fun. We bought me some new pens so I finally have replacements for my poor 8B pencil that’s so tiny by this point. We also got some silver and copper leaf that I’m hoping to use with some illustrations. I can’t wait to get to use those! I wanted to see if I could get some clothes as well since I’ve thrown away lots of my old ones. Seems that I threw away so much that I only have about two pairs of everything now. Anyway. Didn’t really like the fashion for the season so I just bought a button up shirt at the men’s section. Female shirts tend to be so form fitting and I just want it lose. Don’t need more things that makes me self-conscious than how I already am, thank you very much. Anyhow. After all that we went grocery shopping and I bought some more vegan alternatives to try out. I’ve been thinking about going vegetarian or vegan but I haven’t had a clue to what to eat except salad and some vegetables I’m just not very fond of. But I’ve tried some different vegan dishes and some of them are pretty easy to make. Like at Pizza Hut I ate a vegan pizza and it’s soooooo delicious! I just love that pizza so much and that comes from a person that’s not that fond of pizza. I mean I can eat it but if I can pick something else I’m going to pick something else. But that pizza is something I won’t miss! I won’t go vegan right off the bat but I’m trying out some new things to just see what I like. Won’t know what you won’t try.

Next week I’m going to go talk to two stores around here that sells hunting gear and see if they are looking to hire someone. I’m guessing that they might want to go hunting and I would be able to work during that time *hint* *hint*. So I’m going to go to the library to have my CV printed (since my printer has decided to not work as intended and instead print everything in pink, but then again it is almost 9 years old). And on Tuesday Jocke and I are going to meet with the bank to see if we can get a loan to buy the house. Really hope we can because I loved that house and the area.

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