Entry #16

Not much has happened since last I wrote. Well, at least it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve noticed I’ve been quite angry and in a foul mood recently. It’s not like me. But then again, I really don’t know what is me since all I’ve done in my life is act the way I think people want me to be. So, it might just be me being me.

I have been very happy about the temperature during the summer so far here in Sweden. I was a bit afraid that it would be a summer like the one we had last year. It was so hot that the forest started to burn not far from where we live, so each morning you woke up there was just a layer of smoke everywhere. It looked like mist or fog, but it was actually smoke from a fire. It was a bit scary and it was just so warm. This year it’s been warm but nowhere near as warm as last year. It’s comfortable. Mostly because it’s rained more than it did last year which I am thankful for! Hopefully it’ll continue like this because Jocke has his vacation right now and three weeks more, and we were planning on taking his parents RV to drive up the country and go fishing. We’re also taking the cats with us. I’m really looking forward to that to be honest.

I did go to Bollnäs today to apply for a job at a clothing store. I do hope I get it since I rather work in a store than over the phone. I hate talking to customers over the phone. They’re just so mean and almost never think about what they say, and I can just sit there and take it and be all happy and nice towards people that doesn’t deserve it. Anyway. I didn’t get to meet the one in charge since the was on vacation which is a bit disappointing since that’s basically what I was hoping for. I have a much easier way of convincing people for a job if I can meet them and talk to them face to face. Almost every job I’ve applied to that I’ve managed to meet the one in charge, I’ve gotten. Anyway. I also met one of my cousins and her husband yesterday. On my dads side. I don’t see them very often since my father passed about 12 years ago. I met them for the first time since then last year in August i think it was. It was my fathers sisters birthday and I really wanted to go there and meet them all. Jocke was nice enough to go with me all the way there. 6 hour trip back and forth so I’m really grateful that he joined me. Because of that I had a reason not to spend the night there as well. Even though I know them, I don’t know them well enough for me to feel comfortable with spending the night at a new place and having to “act” all perfect until I get to go home again. It was better to go home. Anyhow! It was really nice to meet them and they invited us for a cup of coffee and something to eat at a local place here in Ljusdal. We sat a while and spoke about things and then they drove the last bit home. It was nice to see them and not have to drive all the way up to Övik.

Also, I bought some paint brushes today. One of the people I follow on YouTube recommended the company Trekell and I ordered some today, thanks to my patreons that support me. I’m going to start painting more and not just drawing with graphite. Slowly but surely I’m adding color to my art. Also, found another place to print my book. I really need to get onto that. I need to scan all the pages to my computer and add text. I just haven’t gotten around to it since my printer/scanner started acting funny and only printing in pink. I really need to get a new one so I can start printing again. One of the rewards for my patreon is getting a print home every month and that is very hard now that everything comes out pink.. not exactly what I want for the art I’m making.

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