Entry #17

Today I went to Gävle. Yeah. You see. I really love having pets and I really want dogs and rats. But since we have two cats who are both turning 11 this year, none of this things might be the best option right now. So, Jocke agreed that we could get another cat. I found this adorable white kitty with one blue and one yellow eye at a shelter and thought she might be a good fit four my two cats. Someone for Kami to play with instead of bothering Reika when she clearly don’t want to. Sadly, things didn’t turn out that way. The new cat (whom I named Chi) really took to both me and Jocke, but the cats hated each other. Reika got so uncomfortable that she hid under the bed and wouldn’t leave. So. Even though Chi worked with me and Jocke, she clearly didn’t work with the cats. But I didn’t want to return her to the shelter because she is such a lovely cat and deserves a home and someone to love her. Which is why I went to Gävle. I asked my ex if he wanted to try having her for a few weeks since he’s been thinking of getting a cat. I decided to stay there for the day to help Chi. She did hide the time I was there but she did peek out of her hiding spot when I came to pet her. I know it must’ve been such a journey for her. Having first gone from her home at the shelter to our place and then getting moved again even further away. I told my ex to keep in touch with me if anything happens or if he feels that things just doesn’t work out. I’m hoping it does because I think it could be helpful for him to have someone to take care of and talk to. I hope for both of them that it works out, but even if it doesn’t, I have to remember that I can’t keep her just because I feel sorry for her. Kami and Reika needs to be thought of first in this case since they’ve been with me since they were kittens. It’s just one of those things that I have to learn.

On my way home he sent me updates on Chi. She’s been exploring his apartment, found her litterbox, cuddled with him and found the window to look out of. Which makes me really happy. I hope that Marcus likes her and feels that it’ll be a good thing to keep her. But, that’s entirely on him to decide.

After getting home Jocke was kind enough to make some food and of course I ended up burning my right hand. Great. So now my fingers hurt. Not as bad as how I burned my hand 2016. I was baking and since I had just moved to my new apartment I didn’t have anything to melt butter in and used a large mug that I have. Sadly, I didn’t think about the metal handle that the mug had and after melting the butter the handle was so hot and when I took it I didn’t want to let it go because I didn’t want it to break. So, yeah. Burned my hand pretty badly there. But at least this time I burned my hand on the top side instead of on the… inside? I don’t know how to say it but I can at least use my hand which is great! It just stings a lot, because of the burn. I need to stop burning my hand. This is the… third time, I think, that I’ve burned my right hand. Yep. All good!

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