Entry #18

Yesterday Jocke and I went to Sundsvall to shop some things. Jocke wanted a table to have next to his so he has a place to work on things, like his computer. It was a bit bigger than what I thought he meant and we had a bit of a discussion about it. But since I’ve decided on most of the things in the apartment, I decided to give up on it and let him have it. At least he took a shorter table than the 200cm one he wanted in the first place. It does bother me a little bit since we now have three different coloured tables in this apartment, but I can fix that with some paint so that’s ok. Anyway, I got a pedestal for my flowers so they’re not all cramped on the windowsill and Jocke decided to buy some nutrients for all the flowers and also my lemon-tree. Then I also got a small bureau to have my medication and stuff in, instead of having it just in a pile on a shelf. We also got some black and copper paint so I could paint the bureau, instead of having it in a light wooden colour. Not that I don’t like it, it just doesn’t fit that well into the rest of our furniture.

Anyhow! Today Jocke and I went to JärvZoo! It’s just a large outdoors park where wolves and foxes and owls and such live. It’s not in cages like you’d think when you hear the word zoo. They have lots of space to run on and hide if they like. It’s also a 3km walk around the whole park and I brought my camera with me in hopes of seeing some of the animals. I was surprised that we managed to see all of them except the lynx, musk ox and wolverine. I did, however, get to see the foxes and I’m really happy about that! I got pictures of all the animals that we did manage to see, and that didn’t run too fast for me to get my camera up and take a picture. The owls were really nice to me. Turning their heads towards me so I could get a nice photo. I thanked them for that. I really liked just walking around with Jocke and looking at things. Even if we didn’t see much at times, it was just really relaxing and wonderful just being there with him. I really appreciated that he wanted to do this with me. After walking around the whole park we got back to the entry and souvenir shop and he bought me two fox plushies! I told him he absolutely didn’t need to and that they were quite expensive for plushies but he bought me them anyway. It made me really mushy inside and I just couldn’t stop hugging the plushies on our way back home. We realised later on that we almost spent three hours at the zoo. It was a really nice way to spend the saturday on. I really loved it. I’m going to go trough the pictures later on and edit some of them that I really like. I haven’t looked at them closer than what I could see from just checking that they at least were alright. I hope they turn out nice to edit.

I also received the paint brushes that I ordered from trekell last week. I’m going to order some thicker paper next week (have to wait for my paycheck) and then I’m going to see if I can start painting things! Can’t wait to try these brushes out!

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