Entry #20

Well, yesterday was a weird, scary and somewhat different Saturday, to say the least. Yesterday I worked at an event in Hudiksvall. It was just for one day and I took the opportunity because I kinda really just need the money right now. The job itself wasn’t that hard. I’ve done it before and even though it’s really tough just standing up for 10 hours, it’s not bad. I could’ve done without the heat though because it was just too warm to be standing outside in t-shirts that aren’t made from any fabric that should be used during summer. The weird thing came after I had been there for about half the time, so about 5 hours in. Suddenly I just starting feeling extremely ill, almost to the point of me vomiting if I kept talking. I also started to feel very weak in my legs and white started to flash in my eyes and the hearing in both my ears just got really muffled. I told a co-worker that I had to run off because if not, I would most absolutely vomit on a customer and none of us wanted that. After resting a bit in a bathroom stall I felt better, not good, but much better. At least good enough to not have to worry about having an accident on a customer.

After coming home I also realised that I got my period, which wouldn’t be weird at all if it wasn’t for me having it last week.. Now, this kinda worried me a little because it has never happened to me before that I’ve bled two times in one month with only a week between so I decided to call 1177 (a place you can call to get advice from nurses about health issues 24/7). Since this was the first time this had happened to me she advised me to relax the next couple of days and if it happens again I need to go see a gynecologist. She also started talking about iron which made me remember that I always have a bit too low iron in my body. When I told her this she did say that because of me basically getting a second period so soon after my previous one probably drained a lot of the iron I had left in my body, which is probably why I got so sick and almost fainted yesterday. It made sense when she explained it. So, I’m supposed to rest until my bleeding stop and drink A LOT of water and not do things out in the sun. And eat. So, that’s what I’m doing now. I’m not very happy about it because I had planned on exercising today if the weather got cooler (which it now is). AND, my wrist on my right is hurting real bad. I think I might have overworked it because it hurts when I use my thumb in any motion that is near me using a pen. So, I went and bought a wrist brace from Amazon but sadly, it won’t arrive until at least August 3rd. Even if it might not be a big thing I rather not hurt my wrist in any way that makes it harder for me to draw. I want to continue doing it for many many years to come and for that, I need to take care of my wrist and hand! The pain is probably a mix of the repetitive motion of drawing and the weird fucking way I sleep. I like to rest my head on my right hand so it’s bent basically as far as it goes, and I do that every night. Yeah. Probably not the best thing. So, the brace will help with me not doing that during the night, and that’s good!

So. Now I have a few days where I can’t exercise or draw. It sucks. It’s like the time I burned all my fingers on my right hand. It’s those times where you wish you had used to left hand more were ambidextrous! Well. This THOSE give me a good reason to edit the photos I took. I am finished with my latest illustration so I don’t have to worry about that thing just laying around.

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