Entry #21

Jocke and I went fishing yesterday! Just me and him. It was a lot of fun. I almost got a fish but I forgot to pull so it got away. I’m ok with that, it was fun to even get something to bite. Jocke wanted us to go around the lake a bit and we tried. Well, to be honest, I tried and decided to go back because I didn’t like walking on something that reminded me of a marsh! He decided to stay there while I walked back and stood where we were at the start, on rocks. After a few minutes I could hear a sound and I looked at him and he just stood there and looked at me and explained that he was no longer dry on his feet. Seems he stepped on a place that wasn’t that great of a place to stand on and sank with one leg. After that we decided to head back home because it was really windy and with Jocke’s leg being all wet and dirty from the mud. We could just come back another day when it was better weather for fishing.

I have also been resting my hand and wrist. I’ve been thinking if I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome but people say that you get a tingly feeling in your fingers and I don’t have that. I just have pain in my wrist under my thumb. It’s also started to swell up a bit so I’m going to call the doctor tomorrow to see if I can get someone to tell me what’s going on. I rather have them look at it and tell me it’s just a sprain or an inflamed muscle, then I’m fine because that means that with rest it’ll heal itself. But if it’s something else, I want them to find it as soon as possible. Like with the birthmarks I had removed a few weeks ago. I got a message from the doctor that they got the test results back. Just in case they sent them off to the lab to see if they were cancerous or not and the good thing is none of them were. The scary thing is that the one I had on my neck was something that would’ve, sooner or later, become cancerous. Silly thing that. The birthmark I wasn’t worried about was the one that was the scary one. I just had it removed because for some reason I had a tendency to claw on it accidentally. I had done that one too many times and because of that it just hanged on for dear life.

I have a meeting with my psychologist tomorrow as well. It’s been a while now since she’s been away on vacation. She gave me some homework before she left and I have not been doing it at all. I was supposed to go to galleries and hopefully meet like-minded people because I really need friends in my life. Short answer, I haven’t done it because I didn’t do it. I don’t really have an excuse. I just didn’t do it. I’ve just been very occupied with thinking about how to handle the whole; “I-have-very-little-money-and-I’m-now-behind-paying-all-my-bills!” kind of thing. It’s kinda been taking over much of my thinking time… that’s an excuse isn’t it? Oh well. Guess I had an excuse after all.

Now I’m going to go check on the cake I have in the oven.

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