Entry #23

Yesterday me and Jocke went to Gävle to go to “City Festen”. It happens pretty much every August and there are markets and rides and all that, for four days. It was the last day when we went there and to be fair, it was much better before. It used to be bigger before and have a lot more places to buy things from, but since a few years back it hasn’t been as good. Might also be because I grew older and I can’t go on the rides anymore, not because I’m older but because when I got older I just got sick more often from going on the rides. How fun. Anyway. Jocke and I walked around and looked at stuff and after we looked at what was available we went into the mall and Jocke bought some things for work on Monday. The coffee machine at his work apparently makes awful coffee so he’s making his own. We then went to eat some food and Jocke really wanted to eat sushi so I took the opportunity to order some ramen. We always go to that place when we’re in Gävle and I just love the ramen they have there. It’s a bit out of the way as well so it’s not incredibly busy there all the time. After all that we headed to my mom’s place. No one was there but they always leave the keys in the same spot so I let us in and we took the time to just relax and watch some tv before everyone else came home, and I’m glad we did. There were a lot of people there, more than I had thought would come. Seems my cousin (who lives there as well) turns 25 on Sunday (today) and several family members had come over to celebrate. I also took the time to help mom out with her phone. Seems she had gone and pressed some ads or something like that and kept getting notifications on her phone that some horny women wanted to chat. She did not like that I can tell you. It was hard for me to try and explain why she didn’t get horny men instead of horny women but I got it off after a while so no worries. She was happy and I had a good laugh. One of my aunts was there as well and she’s always so funny. She still has some difficulties with the Swedish language so now and then she says a word that ends up sounding like something different and you have to guess what she actually means. But having been raised around people like this it isn’t that hard for me to understand. For example. We started discussing gambling and poker and my aunt asked me if I played poker. Now, she said it: “Do you play pok-e?” and that word sounds a bit like vagina in Tagalog (my family on my mom’s side are from the Philippines) and everyone around me started laughing while I said: “No, I’m not very good at poker.”. My mom had to ask me how I knew that my aunt meant poker and I told her: “Well, I’m guessing she means poker because I can’t play anything on my vagina.” and of course they started laughing again. We ended up leaving a bit later than we would’ve wanted because we didn’t get home until a bit close to 10:30 pm or something like that. I was just so tired that I went straight to bed.

On a totally different subject. My wrist has still not gotten better, which really bugs me now because it’s been two weeks. So, tomorrow I’m going to call my doctor and see if I can get an appointment as soon as possible to get this checked out and right now, I might actually be a bit upset if he tells me that it’ll heal by itself. It hasn’t gotten better or worse. It’s just been painful, and I don’t like sleeping with that wrist-brace on. It’s really hard to cuddle with Jocke or the cats when one hand is stuck in a straight position! I want to cuddle!!!

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