Entry #24

It’s been a few days now since I last wrote something here and things have happened and I’ve had some time to think.

First off. I went to the doctor to check out my hand/wrist and it’s basically what I thought it was. It’s something called Morbus de Quervain and it’s basically a tendon that is connected to my thumb is inflamed because of repetitive motions and that’s why it hurts. I got a meeting with a physiotherapist that did some tests and gave me another kind of wrist support that also supports my thumb. I’m supposed to use this up to 3 months but I should call him if anything changes. The sad part about the whole thing (except that this seems to be a very long process and I won’t be able to get full use of my hand back this year) is that during the tests I didn’t have any pain at all. It felt like normal. But later that same day my hand hurt so much from just moving it a little bit. I told myself that I will use the new wrist brace for at least 1-2 weeks and if it hasn’t gotten better I’ll call the physiotherapist and inform him about it. Also that I did the same tests at home later on in the day and it really hurts.

I also got informed that I got into one of the schools I applied to. The one in Sundsvall. I applied to both Gävle and Sundsvall since those were basically the only ones where you could study over the internet instead of being on campus, and if I got into the one in Gävle I would have someplace to stay if I had to go to school. But, I think it would be a good experience for me to go to Sundsvall anyway. I think it will help with my self-esteem and my anxiety to be able to study at a school I’ve never been to in a city I hardly know. It’s scary, but Jocke is closeby. I’m starting September 2, so it’s not far away. I’m a bit scared and excited at the same time.

Last weekend Jocke wanted to sleep at a hotel in Sundsvall so we went there on Saturday and stayed there till Sunday. It was really really nice! I liked it. We walked around town and ate some lovely food and bought some snacks that we brought back to the hotel room. We thought about going to the spa but the one at the hotel was really expensive so we decided to instead do other things. It was upon a mountain so I took some pictures (as best I could from the car). It was a really nice weekend. I haven’t had anyone just ask me if I wanted to sleep at a hotel for the weekend, just like that, no specific reason. It was really lovely.

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