Entry #32

Yesterday I went to Gävle for surgery to get one of my wisdom teeth removed. I don’t really like going to the dentist so this wasn’t something I was looking forward to, but Jocke had explained how it was for him so I was thinking it would be a pretty fast procedure.

When I first got there they took an x-ray of my teeth with a machine I haven’t seen before. It was fun sitting there but also very weird. After that I got to sit down some more to wait for a surgeon who then told me that the tooth that they were removing was a bit too close to the nerves in my lower yaw so they had to take some more x-rays to get a better view of where the tooth was situated, so they wouldn’t hit the nerves. So, back to the machine, I went and even though it was very close to the nerves the surgeon was positive that it wouldn’t be an issue. I was brought to another room and put into some sterile clothes and a headgear to wear, and then I was told to lay down. I have never had surgery before so it was a very weird and a bit of a scary situation to be in. They injected the surrounding area with a sedative (which I hate because it hurts like hell) and then they went to get clean up while I got a sheet over me with a hole for my nose and mouth. It felt very weird. All I could see was the sheet and some shadows. I had to get more sedative injected as they got further down to the root since they were getting closer to the nerves in my yaw. Eventually, after 4 injections the doctor seem to just say fuck it and pulled the fucker out. Well, that hurt. They sewed the hole shut and I got a compress to bite on to stop the bleeding but I couldn’t feel anything in my mouth so I had to ask if I was biting on it. The told me I was. It wasn’t so bad after that until I was almost home. The sedative was wearing off and all that pain was rushing to me. I had to run off the train and to our apartment because I was on the verge of tears. More pain killers and it’s not perfect but I’m not crying.

This morning I woke up with half a face swollen. Nothing I’ve seen before either so it really took me by surprise. I can’t eat any solid food until Friday, which really sucks because I’m soooooo hungry. I’ve eaten yoghurt and some fruit soup today, while Jocke’s been eating pasta and other good things that I also want. I’m sad! We also have crisps and cookies and pastries at home that I was saving and I really want to eat them but I can’t because I might get an infection. Damn it. Oh well. At least it’s Thursday tomorrow. Jocke said that if I’m feeling better this weekend we’ll go out to eat at a restaurant and I’m really looking forward to that!

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