Entry #36

I have at least been living in one place longer than a year this time around! That’s a feat within itself if you ask me since it’s the first time since 2015 that’s happened. We’re moving about 20 minutes up north from where we currently live to a place a lot more quiet than what we have now. Jocke really doesn’t like living in an apartment with neighbors so closeby and since I really don’t mind I let him choose where we’d move to. The new place is a bit cheaper and a lot bigger than what we currently have but it adds about 20 minutes of driving to Jocke’s daily commute to and from work. He thinks it’s worth it and since he’s the one doing the back and forth driving every workday I’m ok with it. What can I say? I hardly go out at all and when I do it’s mostly just because I have to go to campus and that’s only for five days. Jocke’s parents are going to help us change the tapestry on the walls because they are really old and they might also help us change the floor in the upper room. The place we’re moving to hasn’t had an update since the ’70s, I think. Because I know that my little brother’s grandmother had the same type of tapestry and flooring. The place really is in dire need of some upkeep. The landlord said he’d get us the stuff we need to fix it as long as we get it done in a professional way, which I understand. I don’t know how to change tapestry but Jocke’s parents do since they’ve done it a lot so I trust them. All I know how to do professionally is painting things. Walls, doors and such. That, I know how to do well!

I am looking forward to moving since I don’t really like living here. It’s not that I don’t like the apartment (but I don’t really like it that much) but it’s mostly that the neighbors here aren’t very accommodating to the rest of the people living close to them. Plus, a lot of people tend to drive by (we live right next to the main road through town) late at night playing loud music from their “cars” and that’s one thing that really infuriates me. I hate it so much. Where we’re moving now I won’t have that issue at all. The funny thing is that even people living there have asked why we’re moving there since it’s such a small village (about 100-200 people living there) and there’s nothing to do there. Not that they don’t like living there but they understand why people might want to live closer to the big cities. I’ve been so depressed since 2015 that I mostly just try anything nowadays. I have never lived so far out from a city or a town, so this is all totally new to me. Who knows, I might actually find some peace of mind living so far away. If not, we haven’t bought the place so we can move whenever we want to. We’re thinking about hopefully staying there until I’m done with my education, which is in about 3½ years. It feels like such a long time but as long as I feel comfortable in our new home, I won’t mind. I am wondering how both Kami and Reika will feel about the new place. They’ve never lived in a place with stairs and I know that when I’ve visited my mom with the cats Kami tends to want to go up, but not down, and Reika just doesn’t use the stairs. Ever. So, it will absolutely be interesting to see how they like it. I’m going to make sure that they have everything they need on the main floor so they don’t feel stressed if they really don’t want to use the stairs. I want them to feel as comfortable as I hope to feel. Also, I’m hoping they’ll like the large windows. They’ve never had the ability to sit on a windowsill and look outside and now they can do that whenever they want to. I told Jocke that I wanted to put up a feeding place for birds outside one of the windows to the living room so the cats can look at the birds. I hope they’ll like it.

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