Entry #38

I haven’t broken in in that sense where the bone is broken, but the inflammation in the tendon connecting to the thumb hasn’t healed as much as it should have done by now so I got a large brace done. It goes from my thumb to the middle of my arm. Which makes it very hard to do anything at all. I noticed that today to be honest. I can write but it takes a lot longer and not as smoothly since I can’t use my thumb for the letters it usually handles. I can’t play many games and of course, I can’t draw anything. Jocke has been kind enough to tie my shoelaces since the wrist brace covers my whole thumb. He’s been helping me with lots of things like helping me flatiron my hair or putting it up in a hairstyle. He’s really nice to be alright with helping me so much that he is right now, without making a fuss about it. He even took charge of giving the cats a shower today. I usually take care of that but with my hand in its current condition, it’s not really possible.

We also went to a Christmas smorgasbord today with Jocke’s work and just got home a few hours ago. He needed to help me put food on my plate because I can’t grab anything! It’s a bit frustrating, to be honest. But the food was really nice and the dessert was yummy. I really liked it. I also find it funny that this is the third time I’ve followed Jocke to this thing with his work and the first year I was really feminine and for every year thereafter I’ve just dressed more masculine and I find it really funny for some reason.

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