Entry #40

Christmas came and went. As usual, I don’t really enjoy Christmas that much so I don’t mind it being over and done with. Jocke bought me a drawing desk which I’m so happy about! I didn’t think he’d buy it for me at all so when the big box came out with it in I was stunned trying to think of what it was. I was so sure he’d buy me a book or something. He always manages to surprise me with what gifts he buys me. My gift to him hasn’t arrived yet but I do hope he’ll like it. I think he will but you never know. My wrist brace has also been removed now so I can finally use my hand at it’s fullest. Or, at least close to it’s fullest. It’s quite weak now after having it in a brace for two weeks and it’s going to take a little time to build that muscle mass up again. After that, we’ll have to see if it actually did self-heal or if it demands surgery. Hopefully, the wrist brace helped it self-heal because I rather not have to go through the surgery and then wait for it to heal from that.

I also spoke to an old childhood friend of mine yesterday. I haven’t spoken to her since we went to different secondary elementary schools as teenagers. I used to spend almost every day with her. We walked to school together and hanged out after. Spending time walking around and talking for hours. I’m thinking about maybe taking a trip over and visiting her next summer since both of us are studying. It was really nice to speak to her again and hear her voice. I always thought of her as a really good friend when I was a kid and since I didn’t have many friends I got very attached to the few I did have. Also, it would probably do me good to travel on my own. I have never done it before. Still, it’s not until summer 2020 so things might change or whatever. We’ll just have to see what happens. I also plan to go to at least two conventions next year. One in Stockholm and one in Uppsala.

I’m just extremely tired to be honest.

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