Entry #45

Have you ever been so frustrated over the smallest thing? You know it’s small and that it’s really nothing to be frustrated over but you just can’t let it go and just have to find some sort of solution for it. That’s me when it comes to taking pictures of my art. The light is too yellow and I have a bright light on one side of the paper and darker edges on the opposite side. It really bugs me way too much to be honest. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t take pictures of my art that much because it never comes out good enough for my liking. I’ve been thinking if a kind of lightbox would work for this but most (if not all) lightboxes are made for taking photos of objects, not flat pieces of paper. I could also buy lots of lamps but I really don’t want to buy lots of lamps for the single reason of taking photos of my illustrations. Mostly because I don’t take that many photos of them and I don’t have the space for that many lamps. I spoke to Jocke about it (he mostly laughs at me because he finds it cute that I tend to get stuck on such silly things and overthink them) and came up with an idea. Small led strips aren’t expensive so I could just go out and buy them, and then sticking them to a flat piece of wood (or plastic) and attach four legs. Make a hole in the flat piece of wood and you have a place to take photos of illustrations with light coming from all sides. It shouldn’t be that hard to make at all, the hardest part would probably be to make the hole for the camera to stick through. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen. It doesn’t work and then I’m back where I started. Might as well try it because if it does work then I have a great way to take photos of my art without getting annoyed at the color of the light or that the light goes from extremely bright at one side, to dark corners on the other. It should work. It sounds like it should work. I drew a small example so I could show Jocke (because I suck at explaining things with words) and he thinks it would work too. I just have to find led strips that have that white light that I want instead of the orange/yellow light that one usually has at home. Really hate working with those lights on but what do you do when that’s the only thing you have.

Tomorrow is another week where I intern at the school. I can’t say that I really look forward to it. I rather stay home, to be honest, but I know that’s not really something I can do. Well, I can but I really shouldn’t. It mostly feels like I’m just sitting there and wasting time. It would be something else if I actually learned something new but now it’s just me, being there and “working” as a teacher without any of the perks of being a teacher. I take care of the children. Help them when they need to. Look after them during breaks and play with them after school until their parents come to pick them up. It’s not rocket science. I know I need to learn how to interact with the kids and how to best help them but it feels like I would’ve learned that during two or maybe three weeks, tops. Not five. It feels like they’re just drawing it out for some reason. Or maybe most people need the five weeks for everything to stick. I don’t know. I’ve always been very fast at learning things that don’t include numbers. Have a real issue with getting numbers to stick. That and topics I find dull and boring, to an extent. Anyway, maybe I can start the project next week… maybe.

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