Entry #50

There really hasn’t been days for walking outside for the past week, to be honest. It’s been snowing nearly constantly and while I have no issue walking outside when there’s snow, I don’t have the right shoes to be walking in the woods where there’s snow up to my knees. I might be exaggerating there a bit but there’s a lot of snow. There really is! It looks like it’s getting better now. That is, it finally looks like we’re about to get spring. The sun has been shining and it’s been above 0 for two days. Yay for that. On Saturday we had -14°C. We went for a ride to Gävle. I was getting two new ear piercings and Jocke wanted his septum pierced (for the third time). I just got “normal” lobe piercings. Or at least as far as the fleshy lobe part of my ear still reaches on my left ear. I have four holes there now and I’m pretty sure I can’t get more before I end up in the cartilage. Since my last cartilage piercing, I’ve noticed that my body just doesn’t do well with those so I’ve decided to just avoid them, which is sad because I really thought they looked nice. It’s just that it wouldn’t heal, even after a whole year. So I gave up on that part. Better just leave it be.

We then went around Gävle and bought some things like new linens for the bed and a new thick sweater for me. I only have one so I tend to borrow Jockes clothes a lot. Which he doesn’t mind but he does like to use them as well and then I don’t have one if the only one I have is in the washer. Plus, I do like to change it up a bit and not use the same sweater over and over again. We also bought some curtains for our living room so it finally looks finished. Like a finished room where people actually live. The kitchen still needs some love but we spend most of our time here in the living room so I decided to focus my attention on this room first. Also, we already had one curtain rod that was long enough for the biggest window we have in here so we only needed one more. It feels weird having curtains up for some reason. It almost feels like we closed the room off to the outside, even though I picked extremely thin and see-through curtains. Still, with all the plants I now have in here, it’s still extremely cozy. The cats really love one of the “fatboys” we have in here. I made a small “dent” into one of them so the cats tend to go there and snuggle up. It looks really cozy.

We also went to eat at Church Street in Gävle. We tend to go either there or to an Indian restaurant called Namaste, and since we went to Namaste the last time we were in Gävle, we decided to visit Church Street this time. The food is so delicious there and you get so much of it. Then again, it is a bit on the pricy side but we always see it as a treat when we visit Gävle or Sundsvall, so we splurge a bit. After all of this, we went to visit my family in Sätra. We didn’t do anything special there but just had a chat and spent some time with them. I don’t see them much since we live so far away and they never visit. I never had the thought that they would either since they didn’t even visit me when I lived in the same city as them. It’s a bit sad but at the same time, I never have to worry about unannounced visits from them!

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