Entry #51

I haven’t been writing here much and you’d think with how everything is now around the world, I’d have more time to write. But to be fair, since I’ve been home almost constantly, I haven’t had anything special to write about. My days have been waking up, trying to remind myself to eat something before Jocke gets home from work, try to remind both of us to work out a little, trying to remind both of us to eat dinner before 9 pm and then trying to fall asleep. There’s a lot of trying to do things during my days. I think I’ve spent most of my time just playing FFXIV and it’s been fun, but I should spend more time drawing. I’ve decided to draw Cygna more and did some quick sketches of her this week that I might make into real illustrations. I have a lot of sketches in my sketchbook/journal that I want to make into illustrations but for some reason, I keep forgetting them… might be that I don’t have the book on my table much, which means I forget to check in it. I’m a very forgetful person.

This week the university decided to have all classes online. I really wish they could inform students of these days before and not the day that they are supposed to have classes. I have applied to change schools over to Gävle instead because the amount of issues I have seen with this university and how they give information is really poor. I completely understand that it’s my responsibility to read the information that the school gives out and stay on top of everything, but! That means that the school actually has to give out that information on a place where I know I need to check. I shouldn’t have to search for that information on 6 different sites. It’s just incredibly stupid and makes sure that students miss crucial information.

I think I’m getting angrier and more bitter as I get older. Like what my mom says. She’s happy that my brothers were a handful when they were little because that means they are “calm” as adults. That made me ask her about me because I was a calm child and a calm teenager. Does that mean I’m going to be a rough old lady? That’s one thing we laugh about. Me, as an old lady, screaming at people and being a real bitch.

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