Entry #53

I’ve been trying really hard to get some sort of schedule going into my daily life. I know that I should draw and work out and such but some days it’s really difficult to get going. So because of this, I made myself a real schedule last week. What days and when I should be updating my Patreon and this website, what time I should focus on drawing and doing my workout. So far it’s been going very well to be perfectly honest. I stuck to it rigorously for five days in a row. Sadly I couldn’t stick to it today because I had an appointment with a doctor. Normally that wouldn’t mess up a schedule so much but my appointment was at 13:00 and I had to take the bus to Ljusdal at 7:50 because the next bus would have me arriving at 14:23. Then, after sitting around and waiting for hours the appointment took less than 5 minutes, and then I had to wait until 15:20 for the bus back home. So, basically. I’ve been waiting around for around 8 hours for an appointment that lasted less than 5 minutes. Let’s just say that I wasn’t very pleased about the whole thing. It also didn’t help that a man and a woman got into an argument (neither of them was sober) and it ended up with the woman breaking his phone and him kicking her while she was sitting on the ground cowering from him screaming in her face. Also, we overheard them talking about her being pregnant. So, another person who also witnessed the whole ordeal called the police and I had to give a statement of what happened. I didn’t get home until after 16 and all I could do was eat a croissant I bought earlier today and lay down on the mat next to the cats. It was really relaxing just laying there. I sadly woke up at 5 this morning because I thought I heard one of the cats vomiting, but it ended up being a cord that was pulled across the floor by them playing. After that I had issues falling back asleep. Let’s just say I’m pretty tired right now. More tired than I usually am.

Oh! Something silly happened a while ago. The night before I had been so tired. I had woken up late and basically spent the day in a haze. I ended up going back to bed really early. In the middle of the night I kinda wake up from hearing one of the cats that’s about to vomit and I jump up trying to get it before it throws up on the bed. I was crawling on the bed with my left arm stretched out to feel for a cat and when I was going to switch hands the bed was no longer there and I fell head first on the floor. Jocke was quick up then and I found the cat. The only thing I had the strength to do then was hold her tail while she threw up. Bruised right arm and leg and also a small concussion that made me extremely nausiated. My mom and Jocke had a great laugh about it the next day. I wasn’t laughing as much but it was still quite funny to be honest.

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