Entry #55

It feels like there has been a lot of stress lately. Summer is rolling in and with that my studies are finishing for the term. Normally I would work during the summer but with covid-19 it seems that is MUCH easier said than done than usual. So, it’s been stress over how to get any kind of money during the summer, as well as stress over finishing the last few assignments I have for school. Of course, the last thing is a test. I hate tests. I decided to apply for summer courses. At least then I’ll have at least a small amount of money coming in. It’s not ideal but I don’t want to spend the whole summer with Jocke having to pay for everything. If I can at least pay for my own bills, I’m alright with that. I’m also going to try and spend the summer selling things. A big emphasis on the word “try” there. I’m also going to see if I can set up a small table in Gävle and sell prints. It might be a good idea, might not be. I’m not at all sure, to be honest, but it’s better than nothing!

On Tuesday I went to Gävle to get my third tattoo. Yes, it was probably not the best idea since the money issue is now hovering over my head but my dumb ass didn’t think that far ahead. I planned this in February or March. Anyway, I hardly do things for me and this is a thing that is really just for me. I’m so pleased with how it turned out. Yes, this will probably give me anxiety later on but it’s done, and it’s not like I can return it. Don’t think they really want it “returned” either. It was also nice to go to Gävle for a bit. I met my mom as well and spent some time with her. Going to have to go back in a while, depending on if I can even get the money to take the train! Yes, it’s going to be like that. Well. Since school has taken up so much of my time lately I haven’t been able to draw as much. I’m still really trying to stick to the schedule that I did a while ago. I’ve been doing pretty well if I say so myself. I decided to make Thursday my rest day with workouts. I’ve also added reading to my to-do list. While riding the exercise bike I balance my kindle on it. I’ve also noticed that it’s much more fun to read while exercising than looking at movies or such. At least for me, that is. Reading a good book makes time fly for me and exercising has never been a fun experience. I rather have it done as quickly as possible. Never been the type that ends up liking exercise, no matter how much I do it or how regularly. It has just been a thing that I know I should do to stay healthy, not just my body but my mind as well. It’s a necessity, like eating. Something that I know should be done but I really don’t like doing it.

Jocke and I have also been looking at houses some more. We found one in Arbrå that we liked. It wasn’t perfect but it was alright, and it was cheap. Sadly, it wasn’t cheap for long. It went up almost double the amount asked and we felt that was far too much for that house, so we didn’t get it. We also looked at one yesterday but it was far too expensive every month and far too big for the two of us. Hopefully, we can find something this year that we are able to get. Finding something hasn’t really been the issue, the issue has been everyone else bidding on the same house. They’re just going up to ridiculous amounts of money. Not my problem though but it makes me a little cross. The broker did call Jocke and told him that there are several more small houses in Arbrå going on sale soon. Houses that he found was much better than the one we tried to get but didn’t feel like it was worth it. We’ll just have to end up and see. Plus, even if we like them, it doesn’t mean that we will be able to get any of them. It depends on the people who are also interested in it.

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