Entry #57

I’m a bit excited. I made an appointment with a lady in Hudiksvall to get synthetic dreads put into my hair! I’ve wanted that done for years but never found someone who would put in synthetic dreads instead of making “real” ones from my own hair. So at the end of the month, I’m getting it done. It’s also exciting because I’m getting longer hair then. I haven’t had long hair since I was in fifth grade and I convinced my mom to let me get my hair cut short when we were in the Philippines. I’ve had short hair since then. Not because I’ve wanted short hair but because I’ve hated how I look in shoulder-length hair. I just think I look awful and end up cutting it short again, and the cycle starts all over. I’ve thought about putting in clip-on extensions but I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t look natural with my current hairstyle, and I’m not really wanting to grow out a full set of hair. I like having shaved sides. My hair is so thick that this makes it so much easier to take care of and maintain. Plus, in the summer, it’s not as warm as it would normally be. Especially when we’re in the Philippines. Man my head is warm there.

My tattoo is healing nicely. Still has a bit left to go before it’s fully healed but at least it’s not itching anymore. I hate when a new tattoo itches. I want to scratch it so badly but you know you shouldn’t. It’s weird though. Having most of your arm in “black” instead of your usual skin is weird but also incredibly fun. My first tattoo is still my favourite but this one is special since it’s the first one where I designed it instead of relying on someone else to make my idea come to life. Here I was the one who drew it up and the tattoo artist went with that idea and made it into a real tattoo. Knowing that it’s my initial sketch makes it more special, at least to me.

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