Entry #59

Well. Something happened since my last post here. First off, I totally ignored my schedule… which is a dumb thing to do. It has been chaos, to be honest. I haven’t gotten much done and I’ve been mostly just sitting and playing FFXIV all day long. Yeah, productivity (not at all).

Anyway. First off, we’re going to be moving again. Not a house sadly. We decided to stop looking at houses until we get a bigger budget to actually buy one with. But we got an apartment in Järvsö, just a few meters away from Jockes workplace. It’s a bit more expensive than what we have here but we’ll save so much money being so close that he doesn’t have to drive the car back and forth every day. For my part, it’s also much better. Since there are busses and trains going through Järvsö at steady intervals I don’t have to worry about spending a day just waiting around because the bus doesn’t come or go, between 10:00 and 14:00. Now I can even take the train to Gävle and be there for the day! I can’t do that while living where we are currently since the busses back home from the train station stop going after 16:00. So, if I want to go to Gävle and just visit my family or such, I have to stay there for the night or else it has to be a “hi/bye” scenario. The new apartment is also bigger than what we currently have so I can have my gaming place and my artspace in different rooms. It’s hard being productive and focusing when you are sitting in front of a PC that has everything you need to game on it. Plus, focusing is not my strong side. So we’re moving at the latest on October 1st and the earliest in the middle of August. Depends if our current landlord can find someone who want’s to move into this apartment at that time.

Secondly. Last weekend on Saturday it was Jocke’s birthday so we went to Sundsvall to have a nice day celebrating him. While we were there we also went to a gallery where I had an appointment to get my hair done. I was going to get synthetic dreads installed. It took about 4 hours for it to get done but the people at the gallery were really friendly and talkative so both Jocke and I had a good time. The lady who did my hair didn’t really realize how thick my hair actually was so what she thought was going to take about 40 dreads (20 DE and 20 SE), ended up needing about double that amount. Needless to say, she now understands that I have extremely thick hair and lots of it at that. She told me that normally a full head of hair would need 80 dreads and I have shaved sides and a bit at the back, meaning, I don’t have a full head of hair but still needed close to that amount. I really loved the result and we went off to buy some clothes (Jocke wanted to go to the New Yorker) and after that, I treated him to some food at Pizza Hut. We like to go there when we visit Sundsvall because it’s basically the only place we go to that has a Pizza Hut. After that, we decided to head back home and on the way visit Jocke’s parents for some cake and his birthday gift. It was all good until Monday. On Monday my head started to itch really bad. The only thing I could think of that felt the same was when I was a teenager and had a large spot of eczema on my leg. That shit itch so much. I asked the lady who did my hair if it was supposed to itch like this but she basically told me that she just scratches at it. Ok, maybe it’ll just go down to a “normal” itch. Not a constant “fuck me” itch that I had then. It didn’t. It just kept on itching and itching and itching which ended up being so much that I couldn’t even sleep. I tried searching google for someone who had an answer to what was going on. I tried spraying tea tree oil with water on it. I tried showering. I tried coconut oil. Nothing. I then read that synthetic hair is coated with a substance that some people have reactions to and that you should wash the hair with Apple Cider Vinegar (or something similar) before installing the hair to get the coating off. I didn’t have any Apple Cider Vinegar so when Jocke woke up I asked him if he could help me take the dreads out. After taking them out he told me my scalp was really red and the itchiness subsided to what I assume is close to what the lady probably meant when she talked about it being itchy. I still have the dreads and plan on washing the coating off and installing them another time. But now, I’m going to let my scalp rest!

Third. I decided to make a mail specifically for my work with art, but while making it, it seems that I already had that idea back in 2013. I just forgot about it. I wrote it down now so I have it! I also finally came up with a logo/signature to use with my art. I’ve thought about making a logo that I could use as a signature for years but I just never came up with one that I really liked. I’m one of those that can’t sign art because I can’t decide what to sign it with or how to sign it. So, I never sign my art because of it. Which is kind of dumb if I want to sell stuff. But I think I got something now. Basically a mash-up of my tattoo’s. I’ll finish designing it and when it’s done I’ll show it up here! I’ll probably add it as the header to this website as well. Would probably be a good idea.

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