Entry #60

I’m actually looking over my website again. I added some illustrations to my portfolio that I finished editing and added some extra pages that I’m going to be finalizing when I finish the images that are going to be put on there. All in all, I noticed that I needed to categorize my portfolio since I have done illustrations and such outside just graphite. It would probably not be a bad idea to add special pages for those specifically. It wouldn’t hurt and it would probably make the whole website seem more professional. I still have to fix my homepage. That thing looks so sad! I have a few ideas of what to do with the front page of my site, I just need to get to the point of getting it done. Procrastination!!!! I really need a workspace away from my gaming computer, that’s for sure. I’m going to get that when we move since the new apartment has one room extra, unlike this place. We’re also going to be building our own wall mounted desk. It would look much nicer than what we have right now and I wanted to try and also build a small storage space between our seats so that we can just store cords and such that really shouldn’t be on the desk. Just small things that end up cluttering the whole space. Like now. I have controllers and drawing supplies and spare mice in case mine die. These things would be awesome to have in a box (not the drawing supplies since they are getting a separate space after we move) for easy access when we need them, but out of sight until then. Especially for Jocke. He tends to have so many tools and cords and such just laying around his computer. Boxes! Aah, it would be so nice just to chuck these things in a drawer next to the computer. I’m really looking forward to moving. We haven’t started packing yet but then again, we aren’t actually moving (as far as we know) until last September or first October, and we just entered August, so we still have at least a month and a half to go before we really need to stress. To be honest, I kinda wish I could just throw most of my things out. But I’ve done that almost every time I’ve moved and now I don’t really have that much that doesn’t actually bring me joy left. I have shelves for my artbooks and cameras. I have storage for my art supplies, and I have the things I need for my computer. Then again I have all my old games that I don’t really want to throw away because I really like them and they actually give me joy!

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find leftover things that I can throw or give away when we actually start packing down our belongings into boxes. But for right now, I’m going to start editing the pages of my book again. I really need to get that finished. I just hate editing the images. It’s so tedious and boring, but it has to be done.

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