Spiders and rocks

A few nights ago I had this weird dream. I don’t remember much but what I do remember was, weird.

I was in a classroom with what I assume were my classmates. There was this huge spider running around the room and I, for some reason, had to crush it. When I finally caught it under my shoe, I wasn’t strong enough to crush it on my own (it was quite a large spider, the legs were sticking out from each side of my shoe), so a classmate rose from her chair and stepped on my foot to help me crush the spider. That worked and we returned to our seats. Someone I think was the teacher walked in and didn’t say anything at first, but then declared that anyone who murdered the spider would get 5000. I said that I had already killed it and that my classmate had helped to we got to split the 5000.

We were then outside and split into groups. I don’t remember what we were doing but when the groups switched places my group ended up on a spot with large boulders. I say boulders because they were large enough that the whole group could fit on one. I started to “rub” one of the boulders with something I can only assume was some sort of sandpaper, and with that, I managed to shape the boulder. Each time the groups switched places I carried the boulder to the next spot and continued to rub out a shape. Eventually, I got something like a large birdbath, those things you sometimes see in gardens. An adult saw it and was intrigued and I said that he could have it once I was finished with it.

I have no idea why there was so much focus on the boulder and me shaping it into something else, and why the spider…. oh well, dreams I guess.

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