Entry #70

You might have noticed that I changed all the names on all of my blog posts. I have trouble figuring out titles for things and for some reason, it gives me anxiety. So I decided to just remove that issue altogether by just naming the posts by what number they are. Easy and doesn’t give me anxiety at all! It doesn’t look as esthetically pleasing but in the end, this place is a space for me to write and not care if people see it or think it’s good content. It’s supposed to be a space for me to get my thoughts and feelings outside my mind so I don’t keep everything bottled up like I tend to do.

Had the last week of my course for natural science and technological knowledge. I’m happy it’s over even though I’m pretty sure I will have to redo the test that we had. It was in physics and chemistry and even though I think it’s quite interesting at ground level, going deep down and learning about the exact way of molecules and such is absolutely not my thing. Plus, I still find it silly that we have to learn so much about subjects that I will teach to kids that haven’t even learned how to spell their own name yet. The things I’m learning now won’t even be used and if they are used it’s on such a basic level that everything in the course feels over the top. I know why they do it. They want us to be prepared for when, or if, we ever decide to keep studying and write papers or such things. I still find it silly though. At least we have a week off before we start the next course which will be educational science for primary school teachers. After looking at the schedule it seems like it’s going to be quite fun, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Some of my classmates also say that we will have English this term which I would be extremely happy about. I always have an easier time writing things in English than in Swedish, even though I speak Swedish on a daily basis. I think it’s because I spoke and wrote so much English growing up since I couldn’t speak Tagalog with my relatives, English was the only way to communicate with them.

My hand is also still a mess. The specialist doctor have until the 2nd of February to give me an appointment since that is when the 90 days ends. We’ll see. I’m not keeping my hopes up because I haven’t heard much good from people about that hospital.

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