I had a weird dream again. I don’t remember much at all from it. All I remember was that there were a young man making something in a couldron for his old dad. What the father didn’t know was that in that couldron was his wife. The young man had for some reason killed her and put her in the pot to make something. This something was later seen as some sort of paste. Some brown paste thing that could be eaten. The father never asked any questions of where his wife were and just wanted to know what the paste was made of because it tasted so good. Another weird thing was that the young man had a twin brother and somehow the two brothers had managed to merge with one another. So that they were two in the same body. But since they were identical twins it really didn’t matter to them. They later found out that they had the ability to seperate for a short period of time as well but they were never very far from each other. In some way I also think that by eating the paste that had been their mother, they also had their mother in there as well, in some way. Not the same as the two brothers but in some way she was also there. Like I said, it was a weird dream.

I do remember other things but it’s just very short pieces and I can’t put them together because I don’t remember the parts between them. There were some parts where it looked like a 2D game from the side and there were monsters attacking someone and these two young men were doing something weird. I mean they had plans for why they did what they did and I don’t remember what but the part with the paste and the mother and the father really stuck with me.

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