Entry #77

Alright. I’ve been so hyped up that I didn’t remember to write an update. I need to make some sort of schedule for everything I need to do because I can’t remember anything.

Anyway. I had an appointment with my occupational therapist about my hand and he gave me the green light to start using it again. I was given some exercises to do to try and regain my full mobility and range of movement in my hand and we went through some tests to see how much I’ve lost. About 50% of all range of movement has been lost in my right hand so there’s a lot to try and gain back. But at least I can actually use my hand now, even though it tends to get tired quite quickly. I’ve jumped into drawing and playing games and even finished some assignments for UNI just because I could use both of my hands. That’s something I never thought I’d say during my lifetime. I even almost finished painting a piece of furniture that I’ve had for almost a year now. It’s been standing in our living room half painted and it’s been bugging me for months but I couldn’t paint it on my own and that also bugged me a lot, but now it’s pretty much done! I just have a few details to finish and I have to figure out why two of the drawers turned matt while the rest turned shiny. It’s so weird.

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