Entry #79

This month has just been a clusterfuck for my brain. My memory is shit. My depression and anxiety are just going on a roller-coaster each week and sometimes daily, so my sleep is sometimes nonexistent and sometimes normal, you know, where I sleep for hours on end. Yep, normal. Anyway. UNI is soon over for the term and summer is around the corner. Yay for a break from studies, nay that I need to work a bit during summer. Not that I don’t like working, I don’t mind it, but my anxiety is just shooting through the roof every time I think about it because I have to be away from home for weeks since I’m going to work in Gävle. That’s the part that’s making it all go haywire. If I could just go home every day that would be fine but it’s not really possible when a one-way trip is 2 hours and I start work at 7 in the morning.

I have been thinking about attending conventions again now that I have my hand back. I was going to attend conventions last year but with the whole epidemic coming along I thought it might be best to say no thanks on that one. I’m probably not going to do anything this year, mostly because I don’t think it’s worth it yet with vaccines not given to anyone under the age of 50 (unless exceptions), and also because my hand has been fucked for a good while I don’t really have any product to sell aside from old artwork that I could make into prints. Got some planning to do and such before so probably not until next year at least.

I’m getting a violin though! It needs new strings but other than that it seems functional. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the violin and the piano but a piano might be hard to get up to the apartment. Plus, the neighbours might not appreciate the sound of it…. aaaaaand, we absolutely don’t have the room. So, something for a house in the future. Still. A violin! I’m excited!

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